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Microsoft PowerApps

…Build your own solutions with Microsoft Power Apps.

Increase efficiency across your organisation by building customisable, mobile friendly, integrated applications that streamline your processes and solve business challenges.

Microsoft PowerApps is a rapid development tool that enables organisations to create apps that convert their manual processes into automated ones, without the need for coding expertise and instead uses an easy drag and drop approach.

Build your own, customised apps that can be created in a matter of hours rather than months.

With PowerApps when you cannot find an off-the-shelf solution, you can easily build your own apps that work on desktop or mobile devices to support a wide range of tasks. Capture, create and share business critical information on the go, simplify processes and remove manual steps by connecting these apps to external data sources such as Salesforce, SharePoint and Dropbox, on any device, within a matter of minutes.

Solve Business Challenges

When an off-the-shelf solution isn’t available, build a bespoke solution to solve your business challenges

Mobile Ready

Apps are designed to be accessed across all mobile devices meaning they can be used from anywhere

Wide range of easy connectors

Many standard data storage services are easy to connect to and use with PowerApps

No coding required

The majority of coding is handled by simple dragging and dropping

Save time and money on app development and implementation

Intuitive drag and drop interface replaces time-consuming elements from the normal development process

Integrate securely with the Microsoft Office 365 Suite

It’s easy to get and share data with SharePoint, Excel, or any of the other MS 365 apps

First Digital I.D.E.A. System

Any digital evolution programme should be a strategic, ongoing business initiative that involves people, processes, and technology... in that order. Before you invest, investigate...

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Mobile enabled apps accessed from anywhere

Superior data integration

Access and integrate business data from any data source, with over 200 connectors such as Outlook, Salesforce, SharePoint, Dropbox, Dynamics 365, OneDrive, PowerPoint, Excel, Twitter, and the ability to create your own

Boost productivity

Create desktop of mobile apps to support specific roles or business functions. Remove manual processes and capture real-time data to be more efficient.

Complete control, security & compliance

Maintain complete control of your apps, administer data policies, permissions, and user control options for every app created in PowerApps.

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