Service Delivery Management

Service Delivery Management

…helping unlock innovation and drive business growth.

Drive digital change with a comprehensive Service Delivery Plan.

A dedicated Service Delivery Manager will help drive your digital schedule and keep engagements on track by engaging the right resources to assist with business issues and manage technical support resources and services.

Dedicated Service Delivery Manager
Incident and escalation management
Regular reporting services and trending advice
Service Delivery Planning
Co-management of digital initiatives and projects

Step Three: Use Service Delivery Management to unlock innovation and drive digital growth.

Your job doesn’t end when you’ve deployed your digital transformation strategy. Your dedicated First Digital Service Delivery Manager performs monthly Service Reviews using the Digital IQ platform to regularly measure your strategic progress against your playbook’s recommended engagements, providing a Digital IQ score to help communicate progress to your business stakeholders.

Our Approach.

At First Digital, we believe less is more. By consolidating and simplifying your existing digital infrastructure and operations, we simultaneously reduce both complexity and risk. We achieve this simplification by auditing your entire digital estate, then architecting a highly secure and scalable cloud-based solution powered by the Microsoft Cloud. The agility provided by cloud-based solutions allow your business to consume workloads as services, such as Email with the Microsoft Office 365 service. Our goal is to avoid manufacturer lock-in and provide cost transparency (utilisation billing per user, per workload, per month). We manage the complete digital technology stack so that you can focus on delighting your customers. We provide all our services with a single monthly bill, whilst taking complete responsibility to manage the complexity of your digital estate. Our digital services include a 24/7/365 Network Operations Centre (NOC), a 24/7/365 Security Operations Centre (SOC) and a 24/7/365 Help Desk consistently closing over 70% of tickets on the first call with over 650 highly qualified people and mature operational processes. Our unique Digital IQ platform measures your activity against a digital transformation strategy and unlocks innovation that drives digital growth.

What's your Digital IQ?

Our unique Digital IQ® platform measures and scores digital performance. How does your business perform?

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Unlocking business innovation with First Digital.

The connection between digital disruption and observing digital trends is important, but it is not the reason companies need to be constantly tracking digital trends. The value in the ongoing tracking of digital trends is to be pre-emptive, identifying opportunities and iteratively improving your business model, not waiting until new competitors have gained enough traction. Trying to effect a digital transformation entirely in-house with your current staff usually results in failure. Every company needs to have internal people who understand the company, the culture, as well as the digital process. Equally important is having external experts that live and breathe digital and can focus on just the digital transformation with fresh perspectives and knowledge from other industries.

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