Achieving production efficiency through digital transformation

In the face of growing competition and changing consumer demands for more personalised products, many companies are tasked with producing more with less.

Many businesses are investing in new digital technologies to drive operational excellence while boosting profit margins, improving safety and reducing the risk of costly errors.

As a result, digital transformation is changing the way production lines create value by improving performance through process efficiencies, better data visualisation and automation of manual tasks.

Market change is often a catalyst for new approaches, which in this era means going digital. First Digital has used digital technology as a key factor in successful client projects. By combining all the potential of a data-based approach with system automation and workflow management, First Digital can help you push the boundaries of your business’s performance.

Digital transformation is a combination of traditional production processes, that are enhanced with the integration of new technologies, working together to drive innovation and address inefficiencies in any process. Driven by technology, businesses can transform production and reshape their models, creating greater efficiency and better relationships between producers, suppliers and customers.

First Digital specialises in Digital Transformation as the convergence between business processes and data. It can be as simple as switching from a paper-based approach to a data-based approach, which, in addition to building up a real-time body of knowledge, can analyse all aspects of a production workflow and predict future requirements. It does this by drawing data from multiple sources s to allow modelling and analysis in order to clearly identify inefficiencies and their impact on the design, build and operational effectiveness of a production line.

In this way data visualisation, with greater automation and connectivity offers greater transparency and opportunities for collaboration between internal departments as well as suppliers and customers to further reduce unnecessary costs and delays. Integrating digital processes into an existing business model offers new opportunities to increase interaction and engagement, while minimising the risks and costs of failure.

When you consider the costs of multiple errors, downtime and manual interventions on a production line that runs at over 200 units a minute, it can amount to hundreds of thousands of pounds a year. If you can eliminate some of the errors, automate more of the manual processes as well as implementing a predictive maintenance model it may be possible to eliminate up to 40% of your unplanned downtime.

Powered by data and automation, Digital Transformation opportunities are identifiable e at every step of the production process, from supply chain and machine usage, to the shop floor and end users.

Smart workflows and connected machines not only automate time consuming manual processes but can also learn processes independently, adapt to change, generate orders, understand quality issues and even assign tasks to other machines.

Integrating a layer of digitisation creates opportunities for smart manufacturing, mass customisation, automation and lean manufacturing which are currently disrupting the industry. By adopting and implementing smarter technologies, manufacturers can increase productivity, throughput and uptime and improve inefficiencies and further sustainability with better performance and a reduction in overhead, operating and capital costs.

Change in a production business is scalable and with a few small digital implementations, production businesses can improve their use of data, make better connections between systems and teams and ultimately make their business more efficient, resulting in a better customer service.

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