Improved Data Processing Solutions For Manufacturing Sectors

The business landscape for manufacturers is constantly changing with advancement and disruption within the sector often fuelled by changes in consumer expectations, new technology and improved connectivity between supply chain partners.

While customer expectations and a focus on solving pain points are still the main drivers for digital transformation, at First Digital, we have a proven track record of demonstrating the positive effects that digital transformation has on manufacturing businesses, their suppliers, customers and supply chain stakeholders.

From Government trade policy to the growth in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the advancement in smart technology, there have been a number of recent developments that promise continued evolution and disruption in this sector. This trend is set to continue, accelerated by the release of 5G networks, greater connectivity, machine learning and better access to more business and consumer data.

While manufacturing businesses rely on complex and company-specific processes in order to attract customers, grow sales, and maintain all types of business relationships, modernisation of applications and connecting data can improve a manufacturer’s ability to quickly respond to continually changing market place.

First Digital perfectly positioned to help businesses harness the power of digital technology. We specialise in preparing manufacturing businesses to become more externally focused, market-facing and interconnected by leveraging their existing and upcoming innovations.

As digital technologies evolve the benefits of Digital Transformation for manufacturing businesses are wide ranging. Digital Transformation is about optimising data usage and analytics in operations. With Microsoft PowerBi, manufacturers can visualise data from multiple sources more effectively –taking feeds from E-commerce, ERP, CRM, finance and warehousing systems.

This type of real-time insight also has the opportunity to revolutionise operations, helping to monitor, resolve and even predict asset usage in order to optimise machinery lifecycle. This helps maintain error-free operation and avoid disruptions.

A digital transformation strategy also sets the stage for greater collaboration and a holistic approach to innovation. For example, utilising smart factory capabilities helps to improve your business performance, while connectivity while connectivity with your supply chain can achieve greater gains.

Manufacturing companies constantly seek to better understand who their customers are, which has led many firms to create direct-to-customer business models that harness the power of the internet an d e-commerce. This business model and the potential to harvest large volumes of intelligent data online has revolutionised consumer-facing companies, and now we’re starting to see manufacturing firms building business-to-business ecosystems to get closer to their customers.

Digital transformation also enables manufacturers to collect data from multiple sources within a company and not just from the factory floor. Data on everything from sales and supply chains to human resources and finance creates a seamless data flow which can be integrated and analysed, yielding insights into how a company should be run.

For the most part, digital transformation trends in manufacturing target customisation and efficiency, but it is an evolving landscape. This is why First Digital works with manufacturers to create solutions that don’t just focus on one single area of manufacturing. Instead, we look at an ongoing process of evolution that allows partners to create and maintain a competitive advantage.

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