Service Delivery Management

Service Delivery Management from First Solution

…helping realise your desired business outcomes

Focused to ensure that our resources align with your unique IT needs through a comprehensive Service Delivery Plan.

A dedicated Service Delivery Manager will keep your implementation schedule on track by engaging the right resources to assist with business issues and manage technical support resources and services.

  • Dedicated Service Delivery Manager
  • Incident and escalation management
  • Regular reporting services and trending advice
  • Service Delivery Planning
  • Co-management of IT Support, Reactive and Proactive support benefits
Our Approach

As a First Solution client you’ll receive a Red Carpet onboarding, we’ll thoroughly research your business and market place before performing a Customer Background Presentation to demonstrate our knowledge of your business. We’ll then perform a Service Introduction explaining how we can uniquely help before assessing your current IT operational maturity using ITIL/MOF.

Next we’ll build a comprehensive Service Delivery Plan and agree your desired IT operational maturity identifying an actionable plan to realise your desired business goals. Once your business drivers have been identified, and to ensure maximum value is realised from your investment in technology, we schedule a Monthly Service Review to check our progress and a Quarterly Business Review providing an executive summary of our effectiveness, highlighting our achievements together and helping you to realise your desired business outcomes.

Looking to improve your IT operational maturity?

Get started with a free and comprehensive IT security health check and IT spending review. By simplifying your IT infrastructure we reduce complexity and free resources to focus on improving the customer experience.