Power BI: The Power of Data

Power BI: The Power of Data

Is your data working hard enough for you?

In this series of webinars, we will be demonstrating Power BI, a cloud-based data visualisation and reporting tool which enables you to bring together multiple data sets and turn your data into intelligent, easy-to-digest dashboards and reports.

We’re excited to show you how data visualisation can help transform your business, and we want to make these webinars just like Power BI itself – simple and straight to the point. That’s why, in addition to an introductory webinar, we’re delivering four short demonstration-led webinars, so you can see the potential firsthand.

In the first webinar of the series, we’ll be introducing the concept of data visualisation and explaining why it can aid business growth. And because data visualisation can be used across many different areas of your business, we’ve decided to demonstrate our platform in four key webinars, detailing the business cases and showcasing examples for Sales, Finance, Operations and Marketing – simply sign on to any that are relevant to you.

An Introduction to Data Visualisation

What is data visualisation and why do you need it? In the first of a series of webinars, we give you an introduction to the concept of data visualisation.


Supercharge Your Sales

How can data visualisation revolutionise your sales data? Discover how Power BI can help you create a dashboard that you can easily filter (by product, region, sales rep etc.), drilldown into your data and discover hidden insights, and use AI to find patterns and calculate your forecast – all to supercharge your sales reporting!


Fast Financial Reporting

See how Power BI can break down your revenue, expenses and profitability into easy-to-digest, interactive reports, so you can easily spot any variances to budget.
Plus, discover how AI can not only predict your forecast, but can provide a What If analysis, allowing you to see what your revenue could be based on what discounts you give.


Optimise Your Operations

Discover how Power BI can help you break down your orders, returns and inventory data to forecast how much inventory you need to keep, as well as helping you understand your warehouse operating expenses and pick, pack and delivery times for your products.


Make the Most of Your Marketing Spend

Marketers often work with multiple systems each with its own dataset. Have you ever wanted all of the reports from that data in the same place? See how Power BI can bring together campaign, website, social, email and marketing analytics together in a single dashboard, and provide intelligent insights.

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