Microsoft Teams webinar: communicate & collaborate effectively

Microsoft Teams webinar: communicate & collaborate effectively

Discover some of the big opportunities that Microsoft Teams presents which can transform your workflows, improve internal communication, and make collaboration within your workforce stronger.

In this 50 minute webinar, we cover the following topics:

–    Using apps within Teams to boost productivity and create a hub for work – including Proposals and Tasks

–    What are Teams Rooms and how can they unite a hybrid workforce?

–    Microsoft Viva: empowering your employees – an introduction to Viva Topics, Viva Connections, Viva Learning and Viva Insights


Additional Resources:

Flexible Working White Paper

We have crafted a four-part thought leadership white paper exploring the different technologies you can deploy to keep your remote workforce secure, engaged and productive. In it, Chris discusses how Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva, and how they can be used to empower your people.

Microsoft Teams Rooms Price Guide

Interested in a Teams Room? Learn more about the different pages available in our handy price guide, covering the different bundles, accessories available and setup fees.

60 Second Top Tips

Why not spare just 60 Seconds of your day to learn about a feature which could definitely save you more than 60 Seconds? In our 60 Second Tips series, Chris Shanks explores some handy Microsoft 365 features that you may not know about!

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