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What is digital transformation consulting?

The digital transformation of traditional businesses is now a necessity. Companies such as Maplins, Toys-R-Us, and HMV were once household names. Now they don’t even exist. There is a new industrial revolution going on and it’s time to adapt to customer behaviour or cease to compete. Put simply, digital transformation is the use of technology to increase the value or efficiency of any aspect of your business model. Our Digital Transformation Plan coordinates and moves your business from ‘reactive’ to ‘transformative’ digital experiences and addresses market realities to which you must adapt to in order to remain competitive.

Step Two: Execute a digital transformation – The difference between ‘Reactive’ and ‘Transformative’ digital.

Do you want to be a Blockbuster or a Netflix? Digital transformation involves reimagining the business model, customer or user experience, and operational processes in a way that connects people with your brand, business, products and services. It’s also about connecting and engaging people through emerging technologies in ways that create deeper long-term relationships with your customers. Therefore, creating lasting transformative digital capabilities requires you to build a customer-obsessed culture within your own organisation. It’s not a simple or easy process – but it’s necessary to not only survive but thrive in today’s economy. For example, did Uber drive the change to the entire taxi industry or did their customers? Digital transformation doesn’t follow a change in your business strategy. It is the business strategy that transforms your business model.

Why traditional businesses are failing at digital.

Amazon only sold books when it launched. Had Borders acted differently they may have prevented Amazon’s bookselling growth, instead, they failed to focus on digital and now they don’t exist either. Effective digital transformation is a lot like effective time management – do what needs to be done before it becomes too late. When companies fail to pay attention to the important things, such as emerging opportunities for growth, their digital competitors do and gain the capital required to grow even bigger. Transformation is figuring out what is unique to your business and finding leverage where others can’t. Companies fail to transform for many reasons, primarily because executives don’t take the time to look out for the signs as to where the trends are taking their business.

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The connection between digital disruption and observing digital trends is important, but it is not the reason companies need to be constantly tracking digital trends. The value in the ongoing tracking of digital trends is to be pre-emptive, identifying opportunities and iteratively improving your business model, not waiting until new competitors have gained enough traction. Trying to effect a digital transformation entirely in-house with your current staff usually results in failure. Every company needs to have internal people who understand the company, the culture, as well as the digital process. Equally important is having external experts that live and breathe digital and can focus on just the digital transformation with fresh perspectives and knowledge from other industries.

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