Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

…helping unlock innovation and drive business growth

We develop digital strategy that unlocks innovation and drives business growth.

At First Digital we combine industry leading digital transformation strategies with our digital transformation consulting services powered by our unique Digital IQ™ platform. Combining strategy and technology into a single platform to help unlock innovation and drive business growth. We begin with a free and comprehensive digital preparedness audit. Our three step digital transformation process is designed to unlock innovation and drive business growth using the following methodology…

Step One: Develop a digital strategy.

Whether you’re working for a small business or you’re a Chief Digital Officer, you have to convince decision-makers to invest in innovation and drive digital change. We believe the best way to do that is to present lack of innovation in terms of financial impact. Our unique Digital IQ process discovers your current state of digital preparedness, measures and captures your desired state and provides a series of actionable engagements to help achieve your desired state. Then, it puts a financial value on the cost of delaying change measured against the cost of becoming a disruptive innovator and growing market share. By putting risk in financial terms, you put the facts in the hands of the decision makers, building a compelling case for the budget required to employ effective digital transformation solutions.

Our Approach.

At First Digital, we believe less is more. By consolidating and simplifying your existing digital infrastructure and operations, we simultaneously reduce both complexity and risk. We achieve this simplification by auditing your entire digital estate, then architecting a highly secure and scalable cloud-based solution powered by the Microsoft Cloud. The agility provided by cloud-based solutions allow your business to consume workloads as services, such as Email with the Microsoft Office 365 service. Our goal is to avoid manufacturer lock-in and provide cost transparency (utilisation billing per user, per workload, per month). We manage the complete digital technology stack so that you can focus on delighting your customers. We provide all our services with a single monthly bill, whilst taking complete responsibility to manage the complexity of your digital estate. Our digital services include a 24/7/365 Network Operations Centre (NOC), a 24/7/365 Security Operations Centre (SOC) and a 24/7/365 Help Desk consistently closing over 70% of tickets on the first call with over 650 highly qualified people and mature operational processes. Our unique Digital IQ platform measures your activity against a digital transformation strategy and unlocks innovation that drives digital growth.

Ready to transform your business?

Get started with a free and comprehensive digital preparedness audit. By simplifying your digital infrastructure we unlock innovation and drive business growth, enabling you to focus on improving the customer experience.

Digital Strategy

Our strategy catalyses digital transformation and drives your business forward.

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Digital Transformation

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