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InfoSec People is a well-established cyber and technology recruitment company, built by genuine experts in the field. They are data-driven by nature and draw on this to make their ongoing business decisions.

Over the last 6 years, InfoSec has partnered with specialist recruitment software provider, Ikiru People, and are using Voyager Infinity to help make their recruitment processes even smoother. The Voyager platform has allowed InfoSec to work faster and more efficiently without cutting corners or affecting the quality of their service, all of which remains a cornerstone of their business and growth plans.

InfoSec had lots of data in their business, but they felt they weren’t using it to their advantage.

Voyager Infinity already includes a business intelligence module called Voyager BI which helps manage data visualisation. These built-in dashboards were developed to fit Infinity’s broad range of recruitment clients covering permanent, contract and temporary recruitment agencies and as such provided InfoSec with general insights into their performance. InfoSec wanted to go even further.

As a result, they were a perfect springboard to develop a more bespoke range of dashboards to support InfoSec’s culture, team structure, KPIs and operational processes. In addition, they wanted their data to be visible across the working environment to motivate their teams and generate recognition of good performance.

Their key challenge, therefore, was to make this vision a reality. They needed expert support to build the dashboards, manage their implementation and help generate the necessary reports. That’s where our team at First Digital came in.

“First Digital created bespoke dashboards that have helped us make more informed business decisions. Enabling data to be accessible with just a couple of clicks has been absolutely invaluable.”

Lauren Thompson, Head of Operations, InfoSec People

We started the process with a half day data visualisation workshop to identify the key metrics and performance indicators that InfoSec wanted to measure and monitor. We then created initial templates of the dashboards to clarify exactly what was needed across the business.

With expectations established, we collaborated closely with the InfoSec team as we moved into the build phase. Here, we combined our expertise of Microsoft’s Power BI platform and our understanding of InfoSec’s requirements to build a bespoke set of dashboards. We did this by taking our existing knowledge and using the pre-built development capabilities of the Voyager BI environment.

We created 15 separate dashboards with 26 different reports/charts in total. These covered a wide range of themes including consultant activity and performance, client activity, business development, plus revenue analysis by consultant, team, period and customer.

The bespoke dashboards we built helped InfoSec quickly filter and display their data in a much more relevant way. This meant their delivery teams could easily check their own stats and create reports, rather than trawling through spreadsheets and delivering monotonous tables of figures to their clients.

Alongside the visualisation, the dashboards have enabled clearer insights and facilitated better decision making. As InfoSec works with clients to produce weekly findings from the market, they can now back up this information with data from their dashboards.

They can also spot trends much earlier and adapt their focus in line with this. For example, if one industry is hiring faster than others or a particular client has a slower time-to-hire, they can address any issues early on, creating a positive hiring experience for all parties.

The dashboards have saved the business time too. Before, if a report didn’t look right, or a piece of data was missing, it would be a manual job of finding the anomaly within their spreadsheets, and locating that piece of information in the system to change it. Now this is no longer necessary. Instead, the new dashboards mean they can spot issues straight away and quickly fix them to create solid, automated, reliable data.

Last but not least, the dashboards have opened their mind to further innovation. They are now looking to explore other areas that could benefit from automation in the future. Watch this space!

“InfoSec has always been a technology champion keen to leverage their Voyager Infinity recruitment software to accelerate their business growth. We are pleased that our flexible solution enabled First Digital to further enhance InfoSec’s data insights to help them motivate their staff as well as address any issues early on, creating a positive hiring experience for all parties. It’s a win-win for all involved.”

Paul Thompson, Sales and Marketing Director, Ikiru People

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