What are Microsoft Teams Rooms and why do you need one?

What are Microsoft Teams Rooms and why do you need one?

At a glance, Microsoft Teams Rooms is a dedicated set of systems or hardware, typically installed in rooms where enhanced and higher-fidelity video conferencing is needed, such as a meeting or board room – all of which is managed through a central, Microsoft Teams-compatible device in the cloud.

Here’s a deeper look at Microsoft Teams Rooms and how businesses may benefit from it.

What is Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR)?

MTR systems are more or less an evolution of the Skype Room System Version 2 – Microsoft asks vendors to exclusively produce the hardware, with the only underlying distinction being that MS hand-picked the necessary hardware up front.

MTR systems are capable of transforming the average meeting room into a spatially rich, video-powered collaboration space. It’s considered by many organisations as a complete, end-to-end collaborate solution where the best of HD video and audio is at your fingertips in the meeting room. It allows you do everything from making calls and sharing content to record sessions and collaborate with participants across different offices, all from a simple yet intuitive touchscreen.

Why MTR systems are better than traditional video conferencing solutions

As it stands, Microsoft Teams Rooms are better than any video conferencing solution currently available – with a one-touch join feature and perfect for organisations already using Teams, there are many benefits to be had from its collaborative tools:

Inclusive and interactive meetings

Help each remote participant feel highly engaged and empowered to take part in meetings – at the same level as those already present.

Intelligent cameras

Heighten and enhance the experience for everyone present in a Teams Room through AI-powered active speaker tracking which automatically detects who is speaking. Multiple video streams show all active speakers in dedicated video feeds.

Live captions

Every participants sees a text stream in real-time as participants speak and relay their thoughts in a meeting.


Leading-class digital whiteboard experience where users can also “ink together”, using their own touchscreen devices like a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Very easy and hassle-free

Absolutely friction and hassle-free meeting spaces – start or join a meeting through a single-touch, easily share thoughts, ideas and content, and allow people from multiple offices to virtually meet face-to-face without any distractions whatsoever.

Virtual meetings in any space

Bring Microsoft Teams to just about any meeting space according to its individual space and device requirements.

All in all, the key benefit of using Microsoft Teams Rooms is that it gives you dedicated meeting hardware which paves the way for effective live video communication and interaction. The hardware is handpicked according to your meeting requirements, with most of those devices or hardware having one-touch-join capabilities.

Everything is centrally managed from the cloud for even greater ease-of-use and a high level of security.


What equipment do I need for Microsoft Teams Rooms?

First Digital will assess your meeting needs and provide the right hardware to improve communication and empower all the participants.

Choosing the right MTR technology can really help to make your meeting as productive and fruitful as possible.

See our own Teams Room in action

If you’re interested in learning more about Microsoft Teams Rooms, get in touch today!

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