Microsoft Viva Topics - What You Need to Know

Microsoft Viva Topics - What You Need to Know

According to a McKinsey report, employees spends 1.8 hours every day searching or recreating information that already exists in their organisation’. This precious time could have been spent being more productive. 

In response to optimising people’s time and improving decision-making, Microsoft designed Viva Topics. Combining the capacity of the Microsoft Cloud with AI power, they have created a new resource that automatically organises information, resources, and expertise into topic pages that are easily accessible to your employees wherever they are.

The Main Features of Viva Topics. 

Automatically identify topics – Viva Topics can recognise common topics across content and conversations between employees, organize that information, and generate specific topic pages.

Automatically build topic pages – Topics creates pages and cards using suggested definitions, relevant content, and conversations.

Find related topics – It also allows you to discover and display complementary topics and expertise across multiple sources.

Access everywhere and anywhere – You can access topic highlights and display cards anywhere in any of the 365 apps.  

Topic pages provide a comprehensive view of related details including: alternative names, definitions, recommend and suggested people and content. Additionally it details related locations and teams and a map of related topics. 

How Viva Topics Can Help Your Business Thrive  

With Viva Topics you can get insights into projects you are unfamiliar with. When you hover over a topic name, you will see more information about the project in the topic card. This can instantly give you insight into what the topic is without having to needlessly search through files or ask around, increasing your productivity time. 

Additionally, topic cards are incredibly detailed and can provide users with information on associated people and resources, meaning you can easily identify who is connected to important topics and projects.

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