Microsoft Viva Learning – What You Need to Know   

Microsoft Viva Learning – What You Need to Know    

The ever-changing workplace has led businesses to adapt and evolve; First Digital is helping businesses to continue functioning efficiently and to manage the effects of a rapid digital transformation. We deliver technology solutions including Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Teams, and now Microsoft has developed a new cloud-based platform known as Viva 

Viva is a new employee experience platform specifically designed to bring people and teams together. It brings communications, knowledge, learning, wellbeing resources, and insights all into one platform, empowering your employees from wherever they are.  

The Main Features of Viva Learning

One of these tools is Microsoft Viva Learning, a central hub in Microsoft Teams for personal and professional development through learning. It collates content from your internal training materials, as well as your third-party training content such as LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn, Pluralsight, EdX, and more. Employees can access this without having to leave the Microsoft Teams app.  

How Viva Learning Can Help Your Business Thrive 

With remote working, more people are spending time on Microsoft Teams as it has become a central hub for work. The integration between the two apps means that workers don’t need to spend time outside Teams searching for training, which can be timely. What’s more, by using Viva Learning, you can assign the relevant training to your employees and monitor their progress, all within a secure and familiar learning environment.  

Teams and individuals will be able to learn from anywhere with the Viva Learning Apps. Employees will have access to content libraries and courses designed to make learning an integral part of their day driving personal growth. Viva Learning encourages employees to learn and grow their careers, which will only help contribute to the success and growth of the business. 

If you want to learn more, or need help setting up Viva Learning for your employees, get in touch. 

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