Microsoft Viva Connections - What You Need to Know

Microsoft Viva Connections - What You Need to Know

The rise of remote and hybrid working has made employee engagement difficult – according to the Microsoft Work Trend Index; 60% of workers said they felt “less connected to their team after shifting to remote work” and a less connected workforce will only reflect poorly on the business.

To combat this problem, Microsoft have created Viva, a new employee experience platform specifically designed to bring communications, knowledge, learning, wellbeing, resources, and insights all into one platform, empowering your employees from wherever they are.

Within Viva there is a tool known as Viva Connections, which is enabling businesses to seamlessly integrate their workforce into Microsoft Teams. creating an opportunity to push and display relevant content and resources to their workers by combining the power of the SharePoint intranet and Teams.

The Three Main Features of Viva Connections

Collection of Resources – Viva Connections increases the efficiency of Microsoft Teams by allowing users to access content from the Teams home page. Your workers will be able to access news, announcements, SharePoint sites, and all the documents they need to work.

Personalised Feeds – Viva Connections empowers the business to deliver personalised content to each user, meaning no two dashboards are the same. It also means that employees can contribute to the conversation and access company resources and tasks from anywhere.

Curated Dashboards – Viva Connections enables your business to create a unique experience for each user giving your employees access to their most important tools and content. The dashboards are mobile-optimised, meaning that employees can easily access apps, tools, and data anywhere, whether they are in the office or working at home, saving precious time.

How Viva Connections Can Help Your Business Thrive

Viva Connections can allow your business to thrive, but more importantly, it can keep you connected with your team. Within Connections you can curate the content and tools you want, delivering quick access to relevant news, people, resources, and tasks, all in one place.

Connections also integrates with other Microsoft 365 apps like Yammer, easily allowing employees to engage in conversations with the team and stay up to date with company news, replicating the workplace wherever and however you work.

Viva Connections helps your workers stay connected, empowering your employees wherever they are.

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