Data Visualisation & Power BI – What You Need to Know

Data Visualisation & Power BI – What You Need to Know

Data visualisation is a representation technique to help people understand complex data. It converts large data sets and metrics into small graphs, creative charts, and innovative visuals. Visual representation of data makes it easier to identify and share real-time outliers, insights, latest trends, and other information.

According to research on “why data visualisation is important,” humans can process visual information 80% faster than verbal and written information. In fact, 65% of humans are quick visual learners, understanding visual concepts in a better way.

3 Reasons Why Data Visualisation is Important

Data visualisation can positively impact an organisation’s decision-making process with communicative visual representations.

While there are many benefits of using data visualisation, we present three reasons why it’s critical to businesses.

1) Communication

Pictures and visual representations of any kind can powerfully grab the attention of the audience as compared to written words. Some studies suggest that humans understand visuals better than text. Visual representation is suggested to reiterate critical information in a unique way, strengthening their impact on your audience.

2) Decision Making

With the data visualisation process, company’s leaders can make quicker, more informed decisions. Not just that, data visualisation can also support brand awareness and help your target audience make better decisions.

3) Data Analysis

Data visualisation helps present complex data into easy to follow images and graphics. It can help turn complex information into simple, easy to follow formats.

Power BI: Our Recommended Data Visualisation Tool

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based, business-analytics tool used for visualising and analysing data. With Power BI, businesses can bring together multiple data sets into easy-to-use dashboards, helping them make well-informed business decisions. With Power BI presented by First Digital, you can have access to features like:

– Business data consolidation

– Valuable reports’ sharing

– Actionable insights

– Interactive visualisation

At First Digital, we believe that everyone must make confident decisions using up-to-the-mark analytics. This powerful tool helps your business turn insights into actions and streams analytics in real-time to interpret data from multiple resources.

First Digital’s Data Visualisation Process

Our initial workshop is one hour long. During this workshop, we aim to explore your business in general, the goals you have and strategies it may need, and find out where and how technology can help you innovate.

Next, we offer a one-to-three day workshop (dependant on your business), where we help sort complex reports. Run by a business analyst, this workshop will help you get the most actionable insights that help your business grow, and we will present to you what dashboards and reports we think your business needs.

Finally, our Power BI specialists will prepare the impactful visuals and design dashboards that match your requirements.

Please get in touch with a member of our team to find out more!

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