About Us: Microsoft Technology Experts

About Us: Microsoft Technology Experts

First Solution has evolved and created First Digital. Our mission is to help other business to evolve and make the most of new opportunities driven by technology. As a business evolves, so does its systems and infrastructure. As a Microsoft partner, our end-to-end, integrated portfolio of cloud solutions across Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform – is built on a foundation of security and privacy to help create organisational resilience and improve the bottom line. The Microsoft Power Platform is designed to empower everyday users to leverage the data at their disposal. The Power Platform gives businesses the ability to create apps, action insights and easily automate business processes with only limited coding requirements. It’s our job to inspire ambition and provide a can do attitude around technological evolution. Business owners know they need to use technology more, but don’t know what’s available and what’s possible. We focus on your business and build on the foundations already in place. We take time to understand your objectives and then show you examples of the latest technological developments and what’s achievable within the platforms you already use to achieve your goals and maximize your return on investment. We practice a business first approach.
We take time to understand your objectives and your vision for the future and use technology to help you realise them. First Digital can assist you with everything from strategic planning, digital road mapping and design to migration, implementation, all the way through to user adoption and training. Digital evolution is our mantra. It is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, building on existing infrastructure to introduce efficiencies by improving operational processes to deliver value to customers and stakeholders. It’s also a cultural change that requires organisations to continually challenge their status quo, experiment and get comfortable with innovation. We believe that every business can benefit from our range of low investment, high return solutions. It could be as simple as turning a paper form and hosting it on a tablet to reduce mistakes, right through to creating new apps, automated workflows or reporting dashboards that access all your business data so you have the information you need to make informed business decisions. Across many industries, organisations are accelerating this digital evolution processes for long-term growth and profitability. First Digital specialises in supporting businesses in the production, manufacturing, warehouse and logistics industries to improve their level of digitalisation and helping traditional operations move towards a future state of automation, efficiency and integration, one step at a time.

Our services include:

Business First Technology Approach

We focus on your business and build on the foundations already in place using the latest technology aligned to the platforms you already use

Digital Business Strategy

Our mission is to help your business to evolve and make the most of new opportunities driven by technology

Digital Change management

Digital evolution is the integration of digital technology alongside cultural change. We are comfortable challenging the status quo, to bring about continual innovation

Continuous Improvement

The market place is continually changing and evolving. Driven by technology and innovation so should your business

Solution analysis, scope and design

We take time to understand your objectives and your vision for the future and use technology to help you realise them

Power Platform Consultation, Strategy, Design and Implementation

Our solutions are based on the next generation of Microsoft technologies for a low code, low investment and high return basis

Microsoft best practice and I.D.E.A planning

We walk you through your change project from Inspiration and Design, through workforce Empowerment a to Action and Implementation

Employee Engagement Surveys

Any digital evolution programme should be a strategic, ongoing business initiative that involves people, processes, and technology…in that order. Before you invest, investigate

Why Choose First Digital


Our talented, innovative Microsoft-certified experts make us truly unique in tailoring the solutions we can build. They will bring your aspirations to life based on what your business really needs.


You tell us what your business needs and then we tell you how we think technology can help build on what you already have.


We are an accomplished Microsoft Partner with lots of experience in architecting and delivering exceptional IT solutions that make a positive impact for customers.


We make it our mission to understand what the future state is, what’s coming next and how this can add value to any technology evolution project.


We support Digital Evolution by focusing on four key areas of engagement – clients, employees, products and processes. By streamlining our approach in this way we can quickly focus on areas that are in most critical need of improvement and help to fine tune our tailored model of support. This reduces time and creates a better ROI.


We build customised products and apps, automate internal operational processes, and integrate data sources and devices. We support you to improve your digitalisation from large-scale projects as well as smaller adaptations.


We can build integrated automation into your systems and business processes and help drive the adoption of an digital culture and mentality


We break down the roles of your employees, identify repeatable activities and processes to provide recommendations for where automation will lead to the greatest efficiencies.


We identify all customer touchpoints to provide a seamless customer journey that leads to a better customer experience.

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